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Data Protection

The National Program implements different security regulations and precautions as protective measures in order to safeguard its website data from any types of misuse or damage. These measures also inhibit any unauthorized individual from data access. The National Program uses data encryption to shield it from any types of exploitation. The security committee of the National Program warrants stringent security measures by conducting a thorough review of these precautions on a regular basis.

Content on the website is aimed to offer visitors with pertinent information about the National Program and its usage is governed and guarded by relevant laws and regulations.


Automatic Data Collection and Storage

Collection and storage of data are carried out by the National Program related to website visits. Without user definition, the following data is collected and stored in an automated basis

  • Browsing area
  • Browser type as well as the operating system used to access the website
  • Date and time of website access
  • Date and time of leaving the website

The National Program is not held liable for any external links to particular networks and websites found on the website. These links are intended to only provide further information and it is the user’s responsibility to evaluate the content and its relevance. Users of the National Program website are all subject to its Privacy Policy


Modifications to the Privacy Guidelines

The National Program owns the right to make changes to the privacy guidelines at any time. Its clients and stakeholders will be notified when modifications are applied.



To ensure an enhanced browsing experience, cookies are used in this website. In definition, a website cookie refers to a text file that contains non-sensitive data as a tool to identify your device once you access the website. You have the option to reject the collection of website cookies. You may also clear your browser history if you wish to remove these cookies.